Mobile is to Internet what TV is to Radio

I wanted to try something different. Having “experimented” a bit with slideshare as a tool for communication and inspiration I thought I’d try something new.

In the context of “ideas in Mobile” I published a slideshow introducing this concept:

    1. The browser is still the most important point of contact between a company and their participants.
    2. But the browser is inaccessible in almost all situations where the brand is relevant
    3. The mobile on the other hand has become an integrated part of our everyday life. – Always at arms length, always on.

    The only thing it lacks is ideas. Ideas treating mobile as something different, something unique, not just a smaller version of the internet.

The concept of the slideshow is that each slide carries a link back to a related post on my blog. So each slide becomes an idea. And the slideshow presents 20 ideas I’d hope could inspire and invite to new and interesting ideas

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I really haven’t got a clue how or if this will provide any value for anybody, but I hope it does. Anyhow, since it’s an experiment, if anyone has any feeback, it would be much appreciated, comment, tweet or email me. :o)

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