Viewers and users are the same people, the question is how to reconnect them again

If you want to know what the future might look like, start tuning your antennas to the ideas of Kevin Slavin of Area/Code

. In this talk he explores some ideas on “the new livingroom”, where TV and online participation converge into a new experience, where viewers and participants reconnect.

In the talk, which Kevin is holding at the 5D Immersive Design Conference, he is as disruptive as in his last presentation at PSFK: “The mobile eco-system”

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Not to spoil it, but to give you a heads up, Kevin talks about games and the convergence of TV and Participation through simultaneous online activities. (The new Livingroom):

    “Games with computers in them” (not the other way around)
    “Televisions amazing, because it’s an event”
    “Viewers and users are the same people, and the question is how to reconnect them again”

    “We forgot what was so great about television, that it was something we all did at the same time, and it was kind of amazing. There was something that happened, something we all experienced that we could all talk about the next day. We had this kind of common conversation that was provided by it. And this goes away when you start time shifting, but it is actually really magic. And if you start thinking of television as something that we are all huddled around, for half an hour at a time, like all of us
    . It’s actually really magic. It’s something that only television could do.” (a tad rewritten :o)

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5D Conference : New Television Pt 4 – Kevin Slavin from Dave Blass on Vimeo.

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