This is not the time for Big Lazy Brands

What are the challenges for FMCG brands in today’s post digital landscape? Especially, how does Digital Media facilitate good marketing opportunities in the Every Day Life?

The five ideas / suggestions presented are the following:

    1. Marketing online has to impact how people feel about the brand. (it’s about ideas, not technology).
    2. Build direct relations.

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    . Be a conscious and active part of the every day life ecosystem – from at home, and out there, to in store.
    . It’s about them, not you – create contextual value.
    5. Confusing social media with media


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It’s title and content is strongly influenced by the Brand Building in a Recession lecture by Richard Murray at D&AD earlier this year
. A much recommended video.

Brand building in a recession: Richard Murray from D&AD on Vimeo.

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