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When attention and engagement becomes less important in advertising and marketing, things are going to get a whole lot healthier. 1. This, the last from…

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Everything human made has at some point been technology. Examples of this are asphalt, waffles, language, pencil, science and the kitchen. Lately we’ve had advances…

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The following text is the manuscript to my presentation The next 80%. View more presentations from Helge Tennø Intro / gap – According to Microsoft…

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Mobile is at the forefront of rethinking communication Det fanns inga tecken på cancer hos möss eller råttor.Satser erhållna från olika tillverkningsanläggningar var av homogena…

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It’s always good to have a recommended read at hand. Having this question (recommended reads) asked regularly I’ve updated my list and wanted to present…

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In an interesting panel at the Webdagene conference last week, one of the panelists, Erik Hafner Rønjum, wanted a discussion in regards to what “mobile”…

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Should clients have 100% veto power over designers and creative’s art direction and design? Firstly they are paying for it, and secondly their product and…

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There has been some local frustration regarding the lack of ambitions on the future of mobile marketing • Local Therapy viagra for sale include its…

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Availability can not be underestimated, two reasons for this: 1. First, a minor mindset thing: People want to choose their own arenas, not be forced…

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Display advertising was designed to work inside a traditional media format, tailored to a certain context of media use. As this use-context changes with the…

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As the media, information and conversational world is changing, why are the business models of the media industry standing still? In a slightly simplified and…

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In Kevin Slavin’s presentation “This Platform Called Everyday Life” he puts an excellent perspective on the mobile media plan. Saying that the most interesting thing…

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If you are considering creating additional content for audience participation, it’s not necessarily the content itself that is most important but it’s shareability. Microsoft has…

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