We are not moving forward and our head is in the wrong direction

Technological and media related innovation is not moving us forward, it’s not really moving us at all, if anything we are expanding
. Innovation is extending our opportunities and perspectives, not finding new stuff in order to kill of the old stuff!

– Things don’t die, they reformat.

I believe this means that the opportunities are getting more and richer. Which again gives us a greater chance of finding what’s right for us, not having to force ourselves into available formats because there are no other alternatives.

The problem is that we are too used to having a limited set of opportunities
. And since we at the same time are using the wrong analogies to describe media related innovation (“moving forward”)
. We are creating an atmosphere where we think old stuff needs to die in order to make room for the new stuff.

It couldn’t be more wrong!

We seem to think that the situations is constant, that we need to fill it with certain stuff – stuff that needs to innovate

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. Not the other way around, that the stuff can stay (almost) constant, but the situation is the one that needs to innovate and change…


Like TV advertising, or the website (Mike has a related discussion here). In the same breath of air we discuss if we do or don’t need them. If they are “excepted standards” or old formats, if they are obsolete? In my opinion it’s not about the objects, it’s about the eco-system.

What we should be working on is the richness, the palette, the opportunities, the reformatting. The chance to choose a tool that fits the person or the company
. What we should be embracing is the bouquet, not the flower.


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