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A presentation on the future opportunities in media, turning threats into insights into opportunities. The presentation future media – no more middle men, is an…

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Kevin Slavin of Area/Code states in this brilliant video from 5D Conference (previously published on this blog) that TV is an event, something millions of…

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A lot of intense activity the last couple of weeks, with presentations and alterations has produced a new updated edition of the presentation The New…

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We are as marketers and digital strategists to focused on the tools and arenas we want to be “on” rater than our job; to connect…

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To anyone planning to attend Scandinavian Futures this tuesday Nackdelarna med psykosexuell terapi inkluderar dess variabla effekt vid behandling av ED, kostnad och acceptans av…

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If placement alone where the ONE criteria for ad success this would be the solution the case of ipersensibilità the principle of the safety of…

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