future media

A presentation on the future opportunities in media, turning threats into insights into opportunities.

The presentation future media – no more middle men, is an accumulation of a range of relevant thoughts from this blog, put into system.

It’s built as a master slide set (to pick and sort from), but I tried to ad some structure to it by identifying six major “forces” affecting media, and then a short final chapter summarizing a suggested future mindset.

I’ve also chosen to ad a lot of the explanatory text – not just the headlines – into the slides this time, hopefully this will create more context for the people reading the thing online

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Find individual slides available for download under a CC license on my flickr.com account everything new is dangerous

Find the presentation below, or on my slideshare account slideshare.net/helgetenno.

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  1. Françøis Pérennès
    March 8

    Impressive Helge, what a perfect presentation! Keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Paris

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