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Pranav Mistry of MIT demoes the new Sixth Sense wearable computer system taking us both one step closer to the Minority Report and one step…

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We are as marketers and digital strategists to focused on the tools and arenas we want to be “on” rater than our job; to connect…

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Marketing needs to extend the notion of value. In the event of adding smaller initiatives to the marketing mix moving customers one step closer to…

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Was given the opportunity today to hold a presentation for The National Consortium of Media Businesses (here in Norway), on the topic “Trends in Interactive…

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Fallon Planning links to Charles Leadbeater’s new book project We Think, where he pushes even further the social mechanics of innovation . Excellent animated video…

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Held a lecture a couple of weeks ago concerning the possibilities which exists if we turn the tools we use inside companies and organizations today…

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Some lovely thoughts on the future of mobile communication from Younghee Jung (Nokia) on the 2012 The New Yorker Conference? Not comparable to the content…

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