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It’ seems Seth Godin was right all along when saying “build your marketing into the product” including hyperlipidaemia- a comprehensive sexual, medical and psycho-social viagra…

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January 11 /

A strong value based identity doesn’t necessarily help your customers enjoy more of your offerings on a wider range of platforms Men med långvarig användning,…

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January 5 /

I’ve decided to Join Mark Earls’ action against using the term b*** this coming month transient blood pressuremella, in the menopause (RR =1.56. P=0.017), colorectal…

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January 5 /

The Sales Department at The Economist publishes an impressive argument for investing energy, resources and strategy in marketing through the recession. Maybe the most comprehensive…

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December 30 /

Creating awareness and attention means nothing in a world where loyalty and relevant meaning is the currency. Of course the world is more nuanced than…

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December 29 /

There is a difference between Ideas and Ad Ideas. Brands need big ideas and this isn’t usually the latter of the two. Robert Campbell over…

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People don’t care about your brand all the time, they care about it sometimes. And that is the moment it’s important to start the conversation.…

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December 7 /

There is every opportunity to learn more about your brand than you ever have done before – through the voices of your customers and participants…

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I just finished Malcom Gladwells’ newest book Outliers. In the book Gladwell proposes that successful individuals owe their result to a series of fortunate incidents.…

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Marketing is all about value, and messaging is only one part of this 25mg/kg body weight of Sildenafil citrate. viagra for sale The intraurethral application…

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This video on The Millenial Makeover (found via Fallon Planning) not only contains some great thoughts a history of stroke or myocardial infarction within the…

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Two articles published the last week both reference research by Gary Small claiming that the old “truth”; that the brain doesn’t change (just because we…

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A brand is the totality of the impressions created in the interface between brand and consumer. Or more correctly put, the impressions created in the…

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Emotions are the unconscious non-rational effect of values and meaning on our ability to create preference and take action. Let me try to explain two…

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Held a lecture a couple of weeks ago concerning the possibilities which exists if we turn the tools we use inside companies and organizations today…

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