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What is marketing in 2013? How do you ignite your ambassadors and the makers of things? The following presentation was held for Microsoft in Lisbon…

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In the communications hierarchy, there are four main field’s positioned in relation to each other. Could visualization introduce a way of understanding their role and…

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April 19 /

If an identity is to create value through identifiable and differentiating qualities, it can’t be designed through employment in the latter stages of a standardized…

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March 28 /

In an online world full of nuances and variables, is the universal mindset of mass media affecting our ability to make people deliriously happy? Mass…

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March 7 /

A presentation on the future opportunities in media, turning threats into insights into opportunities. The presentation future media – no more middle men, is an…

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Without dialogue and participation companies get stuck. The traditional media model is a triple negative: – No direct relation between companies and people. – Focus…

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Every traditional marketing campaign is a customer purchase, that is no revelation: ROI and CPC, CPM, CPA are all standards. But I suggest there is…

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October 12 /

There has been some local frustration regarding the lack of ambitions on the future of mobile marketing. I’ve been part taking in some discussions and…

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Display advertising was designed to work inside a traditional media format, tailored to a certain context of media use. As this use-context changes with the…

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If control is unattainable, what is the goal of our brand building efforts? The answer seems more related to adaptability and changeability than unanimity, let’s…

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