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November 20 /

Two very interesting and important thoughts fitted into one post . Because first of all, they belong together. And secondly, they are the most important…

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November 19 /

A presentation on statistics from Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design Erectile dysfunction is often assumed to be a naturalperformance concerns, dysfunctional communication How long does…

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November 19 /

This video on The Millenial Makeover (found via Fallon Planning) not only contains some great thoughts . But also, at about 5:20 states that Obama…

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November 15 /
November 15 /
November 14 /

Just wanted to recap on one big important factor in participatory marketing, when consumers and brands co-create new products and new services. And that is…

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November 11 /

A new slideshow for an upcoming talk on new opportunities in digital. View the presentation on The New Brand Landscape. It’s a collection of…

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November 6 /
November 4 /

Impressive Magic Board on CNN • “Do you suffer from depression or other mood cheap viagra YES. . Give it a little more than two…

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November 4 /

Two articles published the last week both reference research by Gary Small claiming that the old “truth”; that the brain doesn’t change (just because we…

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November 3 /

I admit, its not the most impressive of discoveries . But the PSFK TV video archive on Blip is loaded with great content. PSFK TV…

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November 2 /

One of the best ways to define a target group for a branded utility is by using a verb. That simple. How? Well, the traditional…

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November 2 /
November 2 /

In a promo for, Julien Vallèe designs a 2D/3D computer graphics video which is a real inspiration to the possibilities within augmented gaming for…

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October 30 /

Not only will brands need to start rethinking their digital communication from the big walls of the browser based internet and onto smaller, more activity…

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October 26 /
October 26 /