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Representatives from two of the largest web media agencies in Norway told us Wednesday that their research into why people where visiting the large web…

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An interview with David Ariely seems to extend the notion that the brain is a “filling in the gaps”-machine . Constructing narratives and realities based…

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Emotions are the unconscious non-rational effect of values and meaning on our ability to create preference and take action. Let me try to explain two…

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Was given the opportunity today to hold a presentation for The National Consortium of Media Businesses (here in Norway), on the topic “Trends in Interactive…

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Today I’ve experienced two stereotypical mistakes from a retailer trying to build a strategy for their new webpage: Writing the whole strategy from a “We…

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Chris Anderson invests all his energy at the moment on his new book/thesis: “What happens in an economy when bandwidth, storage and processing becomes free?”…

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Held a lecture a couple of weeks ago concerning the possibilities which exists if we turn the tools we use inside companies and organizations today…

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Experience Matters writes, in concern with online commerce and the paradox of choice: “When we purchase products, we simply have too many choices to make…

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Neuromarketing claims that “committed party voters did not process information in a rational or analytical manner.” (link) value in selected patients. generic viagra online Physical…

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