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February 14 /

We are as marketers and digital strategists to focused on the tools and arenas we want to be “on” rater than our job; to connect…

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February 8 /

Marketing needs to extend the notion of value. In the event of adding smaller initiatives to the marketing mix moving customers one step closer to…

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February 5 /
February 4 /
February 4 /
February 3 /

Digital marketing isn’t exclusively connected to content. Although we often want to use existing platforms, sometimes it would provide new and exciting opportunities to explore…

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February 2 /
February 1 /

Digital marketers and advertisers need to resurface. We need to get back in the game where the participants are, and transform our language into one…

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February 1 /
January 31 /
January 25 /

To anyone planning to attend Scandinavian Futures this tuesday Nackdelarna med psykosexuell terapi inkluderar dess variabla effekt vid behandling av ED, kostnad och acceptans av…

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January 24 /

It’ seems Seth Godin was right all along when saying “build your marketing into the product” including hyperlipidaemia- a comprehensive sexual, medical and psycho-social viagra…

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January 15 /
December 19 /

What can and should designers learn from service design? A long but content rich post over at the Copenhagen Institue of Interaction Design explains it…

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December 10 /

People don’t care about your brand all the time, they care about it sometimes. And that is the moment it’s important to start the conversation.…

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December 8 /

Adrian Ho over at Zeus Jones has a brilliant take on the move from message centered advertising to services focused marketing. The presentation to a…

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November 15 /
November 14 /

Just wanted to recap on one big important factor in participatory marketing, when consumers and brands co-create new products and new services. And that is…

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November 11 /

A new slideshow for an upcoming talk on new opportunities in digital. View the presentation on The New Brand Landscape. It’s a collection of…

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November 2 /

One of the best ways to define a target group for a branded utility is by using a verb. That simple. How? Well, the traditional…

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October 30 /

Not only will brands need to start rethinking their digital communication from the big walls of the browser based internet and onto smaller, more activity…

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October 27 /
October 26 /
October 26 /
October 25 /

Reading through the latest briefing from Trendwatching, entitled Perkonomics (pdf), there are a lot of interesting similarities between the goal of Perkonomics and the goal…

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October 19 /
October 14 /

One of Cory Doctrow’s quotes resurfaced the other day: “Content isn’t king, conversation is. Content is just something to talk about” Now discussion regarding social…

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