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July 8 /

Kevin Slavin of Area/Code states in this brilliant video from 5D Conference (previously published on this blog) that TV is an event, something millions of…

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As the media, information and conversational world is changing, why are the business models of the media industry standing still? In a slightly simplified and…

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June 10 /

Products are just stuff, and represent nothing of value on their own erectile buy viagra online treatments that have been thoroughly tested in. . It…

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In Kevin Slavin’s presentation “This Platform Called Everyday Life” he puts an excellent perspective on the mobile media plan erection usually begins within 20 minutes.…

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April 26 /

As we come up with new ideas and concepts for how companies and organizations should market themselves and connect with their consumers it’s important to…

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April 3 /

Back in January Honda and W+K published a wonderful film called Failure: The Secret to Success as a part of their Dream the Impossible documentary…

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March 22 /

In the traditional advertising mindset, brands are unwanted interrupters of ongoing conversations. Because of this tradition brands can still be very humble and cautious when…

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March 20 /
March 17 /

A lot of intense activity the last couple of weeks, with presentations and alterations has produced a new updated edition of the presentation The New…

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March 10 /
March 8 /

Companies and marketers should think of themselves and their content as igniters of conversations, not interrupters. Discussing the findings in the Microsoft 3 screen Research…

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March 4 /
March 2 /

Feed: The Digital design Blog publishes this brilliant new addition from Microsoft Labs on future technology and it’s interfaces. What continues to amaze me with…

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